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By Judy Collier, Features Writer

After all her eleven plus years of being the manager every week at Angel’s Attic in Eagle Nest, Gay Nystrom has turned in her wings in pursuit of two other demanding roles at Angel Fire Baptist Church. Gay will be the Director of Women’s Ministry, and is getting her certification in Bible Counseling.

Gay has served the community well, in her leadership role at Angel’s Attic, the church, and keeping up with her husband, Pastor Brian Nystrom, her children and recently her grandchildren. She has also led our worship team, and taught many women’s Bible Study classes. Her plate has always been full, and now I suspect it will be even fuller.

Gay loves our beautiful valley and the communities within it, and has over the years, promoted many activities that have blessed us all. Many of you have celebrated with her over the marriages of her children, and the birth of her grand babies. Several of you have expressed a desire to see and talk to Gay. May I suggest you come to see her at Angel Fire Baptist Church on Sunday mornings at 10:45 am! She will be glad to see you there!

When you do see her, thank her for her selfless dedication and service to our valley. n

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