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ATTENTION Eagle Nest Business Owners:

It has come to my attention that business owners that went to renew their business licenses at the village between March 15th and March 25th were told that they were required to pay a late fee. Apparently the Village sent out notices to business owners indicating that the deadline to renew their business licenses was March 15th. On March 1st Mayor Jeff Carr sent out his "Village Voice" communication and stated that the deadline to renew business licenses in the Village was March 25th (the same as it was last year).

I sent an email along with a copy of his village voice article asking the Mayor to refund late fees and issue an apology to all affected business owners. As of the date this article was submitted (March 29th) there has been no reply from the Mayor. I encourage any business owner that has been affected by this to send us a message on the Chamber of Commerce Website: and we will work on your behalf to correct this.

Thank you – Patrick Espie

President Eagle Nest Chamber of Commerce

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