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Deceased Dog Receives Voter Registration Form from the Democratic Party

Americans are witnesses to the abysmal failed policies of the liberal left. Everything the Democrats propose turns into a mitigated disaster. The Biden U.S. southern border policy has created a crisis. Progressive fiscal policy has triggered record high inflation.

The left’s “green climate change scam” has sent energy prices skyrocketing to record highs. There isn’t an aspect of American life that has improved from these crazy policies. So, how do these inept buffoons keep getting elected to office?

Liberal puppets in the corrupt mainstream media insist it’s because “people are getting out to vote.” But in their next breath; they claim that Republican election integrity laws are “suppressing the people’s right to vote.”

Which is it? Are liberal Americans “beating feet” to the polls, or has voter interest been suppressed by onerous regulations designed to restrict voter access? We can’t have it both ways. Well, voter turnout is up in most areas, but not all the “voters” may be authentic.

There has been a lot of evidence showing dead people on voter registration rolls. During the 2020 presidential election, there are documented cases where dead folks actually submitted ballots. How could this happen?

Well, in one state, a crooked Democrat official refuses to clear the voter rolls of deceased people. Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson has refused to remove documented dead people from the Michigan voter registration sheets.

Why would an elected official refuse to do something that makes this much logical sense? After seeing all the suspicious activity that happened during the corrupt 2020 election, it all makes sense. These dead people can “mysteriously” petition for a “mail-in ballot from the grave.”

Then, this “dead person’s mail-in ballot” conveniently makes its way to a ballot drop box. There are too many documented instances of this happening for it to be a coincidence. It happened. But now it appears that Michigan Democrats have found a new type of eligible voter.

One Michigan Democrat received an application to register to vote. However, the registration wasn’t for the homeowner. The registration was sent to this person’s “dead dog.” The registration, sent by the non-profit “The Center for Voter Information,” was for “Ruby.”

The invitation reads: “According to a review of publicly available records, you may not

be registered to vote at your current address.” Arf! Ruby was the resident’s deceased dog.

This registration wasn’t even sent to a dead “person.” It was mailed to a deceased dog.

Now, before you blame the mistake on human error by “The Center for Voter Information,” understand whose name was posted on the envelope as the “return address.” The return address for this voter registration sent to a dead dog was the “Michigan Democrat Party.”

Yep, Michigan Democrats are so far out of touch with their voters, they’re begging dead dogs to vote for them. Of course, we say that tongue-in-cheek. This isn’t a plea for the vote of a dead canine. This is a blatant attempt to secure another illegal vote.

The hope had to be that this person would take advantage of this secret opportunity to stuff another liberal vote into the midterm election. But, as liberal as they obviously are, this voter had a slight state of good conscience.

The voter returned the letter with a handwritten explanation. This was truly amusing. They wrote, “Ruby is a dog & deceased. Please correct this before Republicans find out & have an infantile meltdown.” So, no report to the election commission about the suspicious error.

How did the agency that mailed this letter even know there had been a dog living at this residence? In looking at the reply, this voter must have really hated conservatives. The answer clearly tells the senders to “clean this up before someone finds out.” What a sham.

But this goes right along with how Jocelyn Benson has handled her job. She’s earned the title of Michigan’s dishonest Secretary of State. Benson is currently facing a lawsuit ordering her to take 29,000 dead people off the Michigan registered voter rolls.

The dishonest “SOS” (or “POS,” depending on how you look at it) has announced that the disastrous 2020 election was the “most secure in history.” Benson recently requested that the lawsuit be dismissed. Her request was denied.

The political trick of inflating vote totals with ballots from dead people has pretty much been exposed. But as long as liberal leftists control state offices, nothing gets done. But it appears they’ve developed a new strategy. Democrats think pets deserve a vote, even dead ones! n

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