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Einstein and Friends:

Einstein, a little rescue dog, has endeared himself to a community; and completely changing my jaded heart – and life.

by BRUCE MAYFIELD, Contributing Writer, MS Psy, MBA, BSCS

Einstein, a platinum blond, Golden Morkie – half Maltese and half Yorkie – lives in Eagle Nest, NM. – where people know me as, “Einstein’s Dad”.

Einstein’s friends include a rooster, tom cat, fledging robin, coyote, 10 point buck, and baby bear. Most dogs in Eagle Nest adore him; like most people, who visit Angel’s Attic – our beloved, local thrift store – also called, “The Eagle Nest Mall”.

Before Einstein, “socially breaking ice”, for me, was more like “socially breaking gas”. As a clinical and technical “geek”, I could literally clear the corner of a room – after answering the simple question, “So, what do you do?”

Only someone answering something like – they were a “telephone solicitor” – could clear a wider swath in a room.

Einstein has given me friendships, young and old, I never could have had; and, a stronger relationship with “Einstein’s Mom”, Carol – the love of my life. But these stories must wait.

Einstein has also given me experiences hiking, I could have never dreamed.

Walking in town, I sometimes call Einstein’s name – only to hear his name echoed – by a stranger. “Einstein? Is that Einstein? We saw Einstein at Angel’s Attic. My kids love Einstein”.

Skip the introductions; Let’s PARTY! First visit to Angel’s – Einstein became a wild “lovvvve machine”.

Einstein was sequestered in a basket – to which I was tethered; but passive passenger he was NOT. He stood on his hind legs, thrashing (not trashing) the air with his front paws – reaching out to people – in love – for love.

One little girl kissed Einstein – right on the lips! Yuck! A big burly man let Einstein take a bite – right out of his donut – and then finished the donut himself. Double Yuck!

Einstein literally “reeled in” (fishing term) young and old people – right up to my cart. How quickly unbridled love reciprocates (not reciprocats) unbridled love – with total strangers! That’s a Life Lesson, for me.

Next lesson … Love is contagious!

Skip the introductions… people wanted to know all about Einstein! Suddenly, I was a “Dog Daddy” – not another “old fart” (see social skills above).

There are times in life when one need not – themselves – be ignited by the fires of love, to enjoy the warmth of others, so ignited. It is enough to just remember, such warmth exist. Once warmed, however, it becomes a person’s choice – to warm up – to ignite themselves – to be themselves – to be a part of – to be no longer apart from – the warmth. This is my story – with Einstein.

When Carol, brought home a little dog, seven months old, he was NOT leash trained, house trained, nor crate trained. He was an “un-bonded” (not unbounded) puppy, abandoned by his first love – his first owner.

Carol and I had “high hopes” for our puppy’s education; so, we named him, “Einstein”.

Einstein’s first week was disastrous!

We let Einstein “out to pee-pee”, every hour, on the hour – according to our doggie training book. Three times, after going “out to pee-pee”, Einstein came back inside – and took a nice, long “pee” (can I say that?) – on our bed!

My dear sweet Carol, a confirmed dog lover, looked into Einstein’s beautiful eyes – and screamed, “You are going to the dog pound!”

I grimaced, and was immediately challenged – to demonstrate behavioral sciences skills – simply because “MS in Clinical Psychology” – follows my name.

I accepted an active role in Einstein’s education – more as his “Intervention and Probation Officer” – less as his trainer. But that’s another story.

The “silver”, or should I say, “golden” lining – to the “bed wetting” is, Einstein now power snuggles with us – in bed – every night. He barks, “to go out” and barks “to come in”.

Thus begins my story of – Einstein and Friends.

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