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For the Love of Food

By Mindy Stille, Contributing Writer

Michael requested corn with his bacon wrapped meatloaf and mashed potatoes.

Being on Vegetable detail that night, I thought great, this will be easy. I’ll open a can or rehydrate the dehydrated sweet corn kernels, that I get from Amazon. I really was not in the mood to rummage thru the freezer for frozen corn that may or may not exist!

I am finding that given where we live and the fresh food prices, I like to keep some basics like corn, garlic, onions, jalapeños, celery, carrots, potatoes in freeze dried form in the house. Saves a trip to the store! The dried foods doesn’t go bad and last a really, really long time. Thanks to modernized freeze drying methods, you don’t lose much in the vitamins and minerals either.

The brand I get online are grown, and freeze dried in our neighbor to the North, Colorado. Email me if you need more details.

But I digress!

So that aside, I thought, let me make it pretty! I cut up some fresh red bell pepper (rehydrated red bell pepper works too!) and mixed it into the rehydrated sweet corn. The red bell pepper amongst the yellow sweet corn looks fab and, big plus, wakes up the corn tastebuds for a nice dish.

After it is put together, it’s time to season it.

I kept it simple by adding butter, salt pepper and a dash of Tabasco. After heating it until it’s hot, either by microwave or stovetop, I decided that a few minutes under the broiler to “char” it would be nice too!

Glad I did! It really made the dish to have that grilled flavor added to it!

Mahlzeit! n

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