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From the Desk of Angel Fire Mayor Jo Mixon

PLEASE be Patient and Cautious on the Roads in and around Angel Fire

by Jo Mixon, Angel Fire Mayor,

There are thousands of firefighters here to help us with their extremely large firefighting vehicles. These are absolutely necessary for the continued fight to gain control of the Hermits Peak/Calf Canyon Fire. We welcome and appreciate them. Beginning May 24th there will be 200 large logging trucks traveling in and out of Angel Fire up to the west ridge through some residential areas, to load and remove all of the downed trees from the dozer lines they are building to protect us from the fire. The large logging trucks will also be traveling in the Taos Canyon, delivering the logs to sawmills.


Plan a little extra time to get from one location to another. Do not be the cause of chaos and accidents on our roadways. Add in the extra vehicles from incoming tourists on the roads, it will be congested. Plan ahead and above all, keep calm!

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