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From the Desk of Angel Fire Mayor Jo Mixon

by Jo Mixon, Mayor of Angel Fire

Due to all of the rumor and false accusations going around I would like to make a statement about the recent issues surrounding the Fire Chief. We cannot go into detail because this is and was, an HR issue.

HR issues and Executive Sessions are by law private conversations that are exempt from public records.

We can tell you an employee of the fire department brought charges against Chief Henson. The Chief was then put on administrative leave pending a full HR investigation for due process. The investigation was completed by the Village HR Department and the Village legal team. Their recommendation, after an in depth investigation, went to council in an Executive Session.

The council came out of Executive Session after an hour and a half of discussion. The council meeting was opened back up to the public and council voted to terminate.

Chief Henson has been given the option to resign. The other party involved was also found at fault by the investigation and was given the same option. That option was declined, and the employee has been terminated.

The Council and myself are bound by law not to speak further on this matter or tell you anything except what I just told you. If something else is said, it is an untrue statement.

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