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From the Desk of Eagle Nest Mayor Carr

by Jeff Carr, Mayor of Eagle Nest

Mayor’s Summit: Mayor Mixon and I met for nearly 3 hours on April 27th in Eagle Nest. We had a positive meeting, and we plan on meeting again in a few weeks to further discuss our EMS situation. We are moving forward to improve our relationship so that we can more effective work together in the future for the good of the entire Moreno Valley.

— • —

Spring Cleanup:


— • —

Run for the Wall:


— • —

Dogs: I love dogs and they must be on a lease for the safety of the dogs and everyone else. We have had dogs killed and injured by other dogs. It is a matter of civic responsibility, is a safety issue, another way to be more inviting to tourists and makes our Village a more pleasant place to live. We will be filing complaints.

— • —

All Village Committees have been filled: All committees have five members, and all meetings are announced and are public. If there is a committee you are partial to, you can still help by showing up.

Here are Our Committees:

1. Economic Development,

2. Aquaponics,

3. Beautification,

4. Library Board,

5. Lodger’s Tax,

6. Senior Center advisory Board,

7. P & Z Commission.

— • —

Summer: We hope to have a regular summer of all the events we usually have such as the Red River Motorcycle Rally, Nashville to New Mexico and the 4th of July Parade , etc.

— • —

Fire Season: Our Senior Center is a designated Red Cross shelter, and we are ready to open it if the Red Cross authorizes it. Please cut weeds and move fire fuel from around your house. Have a go bag with clothing, food, radios, first aid, and place important papers in a fire safe or take them with you. The Eagle Nest Village Council bans outside smoking (except within a 3-foot diameter barren area), the use of exterior fireplaces, stoves, chimeneas or charcoal briquette barbecues (except for gas-propane stoves and barbecues), and all open flames in all incorporated areas of the Village of Eagle Nest.

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