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From the Desk of Eagle Nest Mayor Carr

By JEFF CARR, Mayor of Eagle Nest

Thank you, First Responders!

What a month from the first to the very last day.

The state of the Village is getting stronger day by day. The Hermit’s Peak-Calf Canyon fire had us all on edge for most of the month. Even though we dodged that bullet, we still have to be vigilant for new fires because the fire danger is high and will remain so for many more weeks.

We had a cadre of volunteers help feed evacuees from Mora through a great organization called Mercy Chef’s and for many weeks we served lunch and dinner 7 days a week. During this time, we continued to serve our senior lunches as well.

We also had to deal with full dumpsters because out trash guy is a volunteer chief of the Moreno Valley Fire Department. Our dumpster situation has been resolved now.

Eagle Nest School continues to host fire teams from out of state and that will continue for weeks to come as they are prepping our beautiful forests for the next fire. The Village will be applying for funds to FEMA for our expenses related to renting a backup generator and other expenses.

The County Sheriff, our Fire Chief, the Moreno Valley Fire Chief, the Chamber, and I have sadly concluded that having our Annual Fireworks would not be prudent. Further, it is doubtful the State Park would allow it anyway. We still have great plans for the 4th of July Parade and Firemen’s BBQ.

It looks like all four of our EMT students will be graduating soon. Also, the Run for the Wall Vietnam Veterans had to change the route through Eagle Nest because of the fire.

New Hires

We hired a new EMS Manager who started on my birthday June 15th. I told him he was the best birthday present I could have asked for. We also hired a new person for our water system.

June Council Meeting

We discussed re-zoning for cannabis businesses at the request of three councilors and we had around sixty people in attendance. The people do not want to change the ordinance to allow more cannabis stores.

We discussed the prairie dog infestation problem and passed several resolutions. All of which can be found on and downloaded from the Village website:

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