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Dear Editor:

As Long a I have lived here, the road through the Taos Canyon has always been narrow. But I feel there should be a few rules for the drivers on this road:

a) Stay on your side of the double yellow line in the center of the road. When you drive with your wheel on the yellow lines, it takes at least 6 inches from the other lane to avoid you.

b) Do NOT “cut the corner” on a blind curve. You should only “cut the corner” when you can see ALL the way around the corner whether or not the path is clear of on-coming traffic. Also, you might meet a BIG TRUCK and they may need more of your side of the road to get their trailer around the curve safely.

c) Do not “tailgate”. When there is slow traffic in front of you, leave enough room to stop when there is an object that is unforeseen. Be patient and when there is time enough to pass, do it!

d) Those of you that drive trucks with dual tires (dualies), remember that your tires take up more of the road, so plan ahead and stay on your side of the yellow lines. Some trailers that are pulled have a wider span than the truck you are driving. Stay on your side of the yellow lines!

Thank you for letting me vent!

Judy P., Eagle Nest

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