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Our Nova Scotia Pen Pal: An Everyday Adventure

by VERONICA WOODRUFF, Contributing Writer

Let me introduce myself to you and ‘splain just why I’m here. My name tag would read, “Veronica,” but there wouldn’t be enough room on it to say that I’m 70, married, with a passel of pets and that I live in Nova Scotia (at the far end of Canada).

Your fearless publisher, Cris, has been reading my FB blog for the past almost-three years and likes the way I write. There. That’s the who and the why of things.

New Mexico and Nova Scotia are about as similar as chalk and cheese. I’ve been to New Mexico, actually, in the Portales area, and *loved* it. Blazing hot and red dirt. I wondered why there were so many cattle when you needed irrigatiion. I loved the cowboy hats, the sincerity, I loved your right to carry firearms. I loved the food. I think I was predisposed to loving your state, though, right from my very birth: My father was, after all, an American.

Where I live is entirely different. We have so much rain and dampness coming in off the ocean that it’s not unusual for roofs to be mossy. We have lots of snow (ice is my nemesis!). We’re known for our lobsters and that TV show, Oak Island (which I’ve never even watched). Nova Scotians are also known for being super-friendly, probably because when it’s 2022 in the rest of the world, it’s (maybe) 1982 here, lol.

We don’t lock our doors, we wave to people we don’t know yet and our provincial dish is sauerkraut. You’ll notice that I’ve only mentioned the good stuff about us, so far, lol.

Some say I have a quirky way of looking at things, but why on earth they’d ever think *that* I’ll never know. Is it because I think ziplock bags are the best invention *ever*? Or that I’m a sucker for any song that has yodelling in it?

So now you’ve got an inkling into who I am (and probably wish you didn’t). If you have any ideas for anything you’d like me to blather on about, feel free to email me at: .

Till next time, thank you for reading. Keep cool and enjoy your *fabulous* sunsets!

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