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RR Mayor's Column

I want to start by sharing a press release from the Carson Ranger District. We have some incredible people that stepped up after the big windstorm last

December to help clear trails. The work they did was amazing, and I want to make sure their efforts are acknowledged.

October 18, 2022 – Questa District Ranger Adam LaDell last night honored an individual and a group for volunteering to clear thousands of fallen trees from

trails and roads around Red River, NM. The trees fell during the December 15, 2021, snow squall. All told, an estimated 11,000 trees have so far been cleared. 

Justin Brandenburg individually cleared an estimated 950 trees in the Lost Lake area, including from the trails to Middle Fork Lake and Lost Lake. A group of

about 35 individuals from the Red River Off-Road Coalition have cleared an estimated 10,000 trees from various Forest roads around Red River, such as Midnight Meadows, Greenie Peak and Goose Lake. 

“These areas would have not been open to the public this past summer if it were not for the amazing efforts of these local volunteers,” said LaDell. “This is a great example of shared stewardship between the national forest and the public, and I welcome more groups to engage with us to get work done on the ground.” 

Efforts will continue into next year to clear trees, including from the East Fork Trail and spur roads on Greenie Peak. 

The colors were beautiful this fall, and things are winding down after our last event for the summer/fall season. We hosted approximately 25,000 guests for the Chamber of Commerce’s annual Oktoberfest event. The weather was crisp, and everyone had a great time.

Winter is in the air and the Red River Ski Area has officially begun making snow.

The ski area will open for the season November 23rd.

Public works has begun getting Christmas lights and decorations out so that we will be ready for our Switch on the Holidays event, November 24 th . We are expecting Santa to arrive as he does traditionally on the fire truck.

Whether it turns out to be El Nino or La Nina, we are looking forward to the winter and welcoming our skiers back for the season. n

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