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The Brink

(Fall Softly, Wild Rover, If You Must Tumble Over)

For the souls who have lept from Taos Gorge Bridge and for any jumpers near any canyon edge

Moonshine blind, what other kind

Of vision would you choose,

dear cousins?

Over the edge, canyon deep,

To the land of sleep

Leap and dream,

Leap and dream!

If you must come over, lonely rovers,

Trusting your hero’s capes,

May you ever

Fall as you fly, fly as you fall.

What can we say this sad old day?

We’ll so miss you,

miss you, that’s all.

Moonshine blind, what other kind

Of quest would be best,

dear wanderers?

Down from the edge, to some deep land of safe- keep?

Reap as you sow, sow as you reap.

Leap and sleep, reap and dream.

Laugh as you laughed, lovely rovers!

Love as we loved you, forever.

Fall as you fly, fly if you fall.

We shall miss you,

miss you, miss you, all.

— Bill Nevins

Black Lake B38

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