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The Truth – that Lies – in Santa Claus

By Bruce Mayfield, BSCS, MBA, MSPsy, Contributing Writer & Photographer

Einstein is a big fan of Santa Claus – and Christmas.

Einstein picks up on Carol and my respect – for Saints –

in nativity scenes (i.e., by not peeing on them); and,

Einstein poses in repose in their peaceful plastic presence. 

As a young adult, I threw Santa out – with the Holy Water; so, now,

this article has been a difficult journey for me – as a scientist, as an X-Atheist – and as an “old fart” – learning Faith in God.

I say, “Faith in God”, in fear and trembling of God, for, while writing this article, I learned – by the Grace of God – radiation treatments have extended my “lease on life” (another story), Amen.

The best Christmas presents – do NOT come from Santa Claus. I feel, it is a mistake – especially for Christians – to allow Santa Claus to become the face of Christ, to project the will of God the Father, or to become the voice of the Holy Spirit.

SIDE NOTE: FYI: I recently learned that in the original Hebrew text, the Bible many times refers to the Holy Spirit – in the feminine tense. God is NOT the male dominant hierarchy I assumed as an Atheist. But back on topic...

Playing Monopoly does not teach a kid Macro and Micro Economics; however, a kid can learn about counting money, investing money, and losing money.

The Truth – that Lies – in Santa Claus – is that Santa Claus is a “game” – a rite of passage – that teaches the basics – and the fun – 1) of receiving with Thanks; and 2) giving with Joy.

Upon discovering – reindeer don’t fly, elves don’t make presents at the north pole, and there is NO (ONE) Santa Claus – as a child, I also discovered, WE CAN ALL BE SANTA CLAUS – if we choose to be – which requires adult work, time, and sacrifice.

Discovering The Truth – that Lies – in Santa Claus, does NOT mean – throwing out principles – learned from the game.

When the “game” of Santa Claus is dropped, – like the cocoon of a butterfly – the full Glory and Wisdom of Christian Virtues can develop and take flight – in the adult wisdom of the “give” and “take” of Love.

For example, giving a drug addict a fist full of hundred dollar bills for Christmas – could end up killing them.

CLINICAL OBSERVATION: “Putting away childish ways” – never comes for many people; and, as a result, many people never learn the “give” and “take” of Love.

In many families – “giving” is done with resentment and out of self-guilt; and, “receiving” is done with ingratitude, dissatisfaction, if not contempt – toward both the gift and giver.

Two types of unhappy people result, 1) those stuck in “taking” – when enough is never enough; and, 2) those stuck in “giving” – when enough is never enough. 

For these people, “the holiday season” is a vortex of unhappy feelings – sucking a person introspectively into a vortex of “stinking thinking” – which they must mask behind a smile – when in fact; they are – justifiably – depressed as hell. For some people, their mind is be a dangerous neighborhood.

Fake smiles are a Truth – that Lies – in Santa Claus. I know, I have been there. 

Get HELP – from a medical Doctor – if you find yourself “stuck” – in a dangerous, self-destructive place. I have been there, too!

BUSINESS PERSPECTIVE: This ain’t your grand parents Santa Claus.

When I was a kid, the story of Santa Claus was NOT an animated cartoon. It was very special “family time” – reading the poem, “A Visit from Santa Claus” which has become better known as, “The Night Before Christmas” – by Clemet Clark Moore – in 1823. 

I remember Dad reading that poem – to a wide-eyed audience of “us kids” – surrounded by aunts, uncles and grandparents – yes, on the night before Christmas.

So vivid was this poem, that Santa’s “helpers” had their work cut out for them – getting “us kids” to sleep – and then – ever so quietly – sneaking in – and arranging – our “long awaited” presents – around the tree; with Santa’s cookies on their breath!

Now, Santa Claus is just another animated cartoon – with competitors – like Frosty the Snowman, and The Grinch, and movies like Home Alone.

Santa Claus is also banned in many schools and classrooms – as a “Religious icon”.

EINSTEIN AND CHRISTMAS: Santa Claus is a wonderful game. Carol and her mother (i.e., I call her “Mamacita”) have deep Christian roots – like my own Grandmother. Christmas at “Mamacita’s” is both a hallowed – and a fun –experience, bringing back childhood memories – of Christmas games – but also, a celebration of God’s Gift to the world – Christ Jesus – the reason for the season.

Carol’s entire family accepted me – as an Atheist (past tense) – as part of “their family” – unconditionally. They just “loved me” – instead of “judged me”. Their Love paved a path for me – to find my own walk with God.

Einstein was likewise loved – and accepted – into the family; however, Einstein’s first Christmas, with “Mamacita”, was filled with equal parts love – and trepidation.

“Mamacita’s” house was filled with Christmas decorations – and wall-to-wall Persian carpets. Einstein was like a high-speed toddler on steroids – and could pee “on the fly”.

As a family, we all watched him – like a hawk – and his hour-on-the-hour outside “pee-pee schedule” – was observed – with religious fervor. 

Einstein seemed to know, “one drop” of unholy water – on Mamacita’s Persian carpets – could bring down shouts of doggie damnation: but, Einstein proved worthy of our trust – but not without verification. 

Finally, in our “giving” – our gifts all came from Angel’s Attic and other charities; and, in our “receiving” – we were truly thankful – and amazed – at what Joy could be spread – at second-hand prices.

The Truth – that Lies – in Santa Claus, is a loving family. n

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