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Your Health is Public Health


By Jake Mullery, Eagle Nest EMS Director, Contributing Writer

We hear the term “public health” in the news constantly, but what does that mean? What can anyone do for you while you are at home and not in a healthcare facility? Well that is the million dollar question public health professionals wrestle with daily: what is the best way to get out into communities and improve the citizen’s health and overall quality of life? Home health, telehealth, and emergency medical services (EMS) are all initiatives that help communities that are lacking in healthcare resources like clinics and hospitals. These initiatives, however, are 100% dependent on the community’s ability to participate. Therefore, the question then becomes how do public health professionals make the healthcare system more accessible?

In an effort to lessen the financial and psychological barriers that come with dialing 911, the Village of Eagle Nest has implemented a policy to not bill patients who do not require transport.

This step in making EMS services more accessible means that we must work together as a community to ensure that those who require the ambulance can use it. We must be judicious in calling for emergency services since the village has only one ambulance. For every call our EMTs are required to write a report and utilize equipment which costs the village in both time and money. Eagle Nest Ambulance Service is lucky to have the financial support from countless generous donors which is allowing the service to try this new approach to becoming more of a public partner. We want you to call if you feel the need to be assessed. Please do recognize that if the clinical findings on scene indicate that there may be a need for transport that the emergency medical technician (EMT) will discuss what signs are present and if transport occurs there will be an ambulance bill. This policy will be under continuous review to determine its viability moving forward. If the policy is amended we will be sure to notify the public through varied media outlets.

Additionally, events are being organized with the hopes of getting the public involved in their own health and that of the community. Healthcare is more than the blood pressure cuffs, beeping noises in a hospital, and white lab coats. Health care is coming together, having fun, exercising the mind, and eating right. This November we have already scheduled 3 events:

Vaccination Clinic on November 10th from 10am - 1pm at the EMS Ambulance bay (attached to the Senior Center)

Town Hall on November 10th beginning at 6pm at the Eagle Nest Community Center (attached to Village Hall)

Blood Drive on November 28th from 12 - 4pm at the Eagle Nest Community Center (attached to Village Hall)

Come out, meet your neighbors, have some fun, and do some good for yourself and the community! A big thank you to everyone in advance and wishing you the most friendly of Fall seasons.

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